Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Road Trip

I’m taking vacation next week and can’t wait to get caught up on some sewing and blogging, but in the meantime I thought I would share our weekend with you.
We went to Adam’s cousin’s wedding in Chicago this weekend. As you can see Linus fell asleep (blanket in tow) before we ever hit the highway. I worked on the binding of my Berenstein Bears quilt (post coming soon!) Afterall what's a long car ride without a little hand sewing?

The wedding was pretty fancy and long for a little boy, but he did hit the dance floor right before we left. Unfortunately I didn’t have sense enough to get pictures or video.

But the real excitement for me came the next morning when we stopped at IKEA on the way home.

I had never been to IKEA, but have talked about going for something like 10 years so it was a little surreal actually stopping. We went a little crazy, but had a lot of fun! It sure doesn’t top the quilt shop but it was a great feeling to be able to scratch it off my bucket list. So long IKEA! Maybe we’ll meet again in another 10 years.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby "Cupcake" Mini-Tutorial

Ok apparently I have a back log of posts to write because I really have been doing quite a bit of sewing.  So the first project I want to share with you is this bib panel.

I’m not a big fan of pre printed projects.  Really I’m just not that great at following lines and directions.  But I love how this panel is pretty gender neutral, and thought it would make a quick gift or several for a mother-to-be.

This panel coupled with some coordinating fabric and velcro made 6 bibs.  I followed the direction but I did try using batting in some of my bibs and I liked the extra thickness it gave them.  Also make sure to notch around the neckline before you turn the bib so it will lay nice and flat.

So now for the cool part… In addition to the bibs there are also small and large squares which could be appliquéd on things.  To make 2 very cute little gifts I appliquéd a smaller square on a onesie and a larger square on a pre-folded cloth diaper to make a burp cloth.

For the onesie I folded it in half and rolled it up with the middle coming up into a point.

Then I fastened one bib and folded it like an accordion (3 folds total.) 

I then wrapped it around the base of the onesie, pinned it and voila! A cupcake!

I did the same thing with the burp cloth only before you roll it fold it to quarter of its original width.

To finish of my “cupcakes” I cut out a holder from cardstock using my Silhouette and then topped each with a pom-pom for the cherry. 

I then wrapped them in plastic and tied a ribbon around the top.  And you have one cute little gift for any mother-to-be!
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alien Invasion

Something or rather someone is invading my sewing room!

So it’s time.  I need some sort of shelf or bucket underneath my thread racks but above my sewing machine to keep scissors and pins and seam rippers away from little fingers.
I’ve wanted something for a while.  I feel like I always have to clear off my sewing machine table if I am sewing anything big.
What do you do to keep your workspace clean?

I can't feel too bad.  Adam's workspace is getting invaded as well.  And for once it's not by me!

Time for some spring cleaning (and organizing) around here!