Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Say Hello to NORO!

All those that have more patience than me knit and crochet, check out the new NORO yarn from Japan at the store. 

The color of the yarn changes as you knit with each color vivid and true.  New blends include Silk Garden Worsted Weight and Silk Garden Sock Yarn.
Parrot Scarf
Check out Penny's Parrot Scarf made from 2 contrasting scans of NORO.  Her Parrot Scarf Pattern is free with the purchase of any 2 scans of NORO.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Changing Pad Tutorial

When Linus was born I thought I would do all this sewing for him. The changing pad which came with the diaper bag someone gave me had no way to keep it rolled up so I dreamed up this idea with velcro using PUL and diaper fabric from the shop and a little Michael Miller dots as binding. Of course this one isn't for Linus and I never have gotten around to making one for him, but it's the thought that counts, right?
Baby Changing Pad with velcro closure
Baby Changing Pad

½ yard PUL fabric

½ yard batting

½ yard diaper fabric

¼ yard cotton for binding

1” square of velcro

Lay diaper fabric on top of batting. (Batting and diaper fabric do not have to be exactly the same size.  You will trim down to size later.)
Batting with diaper fabric layered on top
Iron and pin together layers to keep in place.  Then quilt batting and diaper fabric together.
Quilting batting and diaper fabric together

Once you have quilted the two layers together, trim down to 25 ½"  by 14".
Next cut a 25 ½” x 14” rectangle of PUL fabric. Sew the rough side of the velcro to the right side of the PUL fabric centered about 6 ½ inches from the top.

Layer the two pieces of the changing pad with the inside piece batting side up and the PUL right side up on top of the batting. (I like to baste the PUL onto the rest of the layers at this point to keep it from slipping when you attach the binding.
Next from the binding fabric, cut two 3¼” by 2” rectangles and binding.  I got by with two strips of straight double fold binding. 
Place two rectangles right sides together.  Sew ¼” seam around three sides leaving a short end open.  Turn and press.  Sew soft side of velcro to flap centered about a ¼” down from closed short side.

Sewing on binding and flap
With the PUL up, pin flap (velcro up) to the short side with velcro on it so the raw edge of the flap will catch in the binding seam.  Pin binding and sew.  Finish by turning binding and handstitching to diaper fabric.

And as Linus would say, "Ta-da!"

Stay tuned for the cute wipes case I made to go with this!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Square on the Quilt

My name is Tamara and I'm a quiltaholic.  Ok so really only when I find time in between my real job, refinishing a house, taking care of my son, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and laundry(Laundry tends to pile up at our house.  Just ask my husband.) 

I have been quilting for about 10 years, and sewing for... well...longer.  I'll be posting to the Always in Stitches blog about my projects, new fabric to the store and more.  I have a baby changing cover tutorial in the works, but in the mean time let me tell you a little about myself.

1.  I love to quilt and sew as long as its not clothes. (10 years of sewing in 4-H cured me of ever wanting to make clothes for myself again.) 

2. My mother-in-law, Cindy, works at Always in Stitches.  Both my husband and father-in-law have learned not to ask us how much we spend on fabric.

3. I have an adorable 15 month old son who for sake of this blog will be called Linus.  He drags his blanket everywhere with him if I let him.  If he were ever to lose it I would definitely be inspired to learn how to crochet.

Sewing with Linus

4. We are currently refinishing our home.  So you are likely to see pictures of my sewing room as I get it organized, and I am always open to tips and ideas!

5. I love doing lots of other crafty things so if the occassional non-sewing craft project makes it on here that's why.  (And who knows maybe I'll take up knitting or crocheting after all!)

So here's what I want to know from you:  What would you like to see on this blog?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Family's kindness gives ill kids sweet dreams

Eight children battling life-changing illnesses will find some cheer in their hospital beds, thanks to Diana Rainwater’s sewing talents and the generosity of her grandchildren, Wyatt and Fawn.

Diana made eight pillowcases as part of Always In Stitches’ service project for ConKerr Cancer. As she sewed the happy and bright print fabrics, her grandchildren sat patiently on her lap or next to her.

Wyatt especially liked the case made with traditional green and tan camo accented by blue fighter jets. He liked it so much, he wanted to keep it.

But when he learned that a sick child would get to use it if he took it to Always In Stitches, the 7-year-old boy was happy to make the donation.

ConKerr Cancer started when Cindy Kerr’s son was diagnosed with cancer in 2002. She made pillowcases to make him smile and brighten his room at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, explains the nonprofit’s website. He loved it, so she made pillowcases for other oncology patients.

When AIS first introduced customers to this service project, the goal was to donate 300. We’ve topped that number, but continue to accept donations and love to hear stories like Wyatt’s.