Friday, January 20, 2017

Case Assembly

Case for Carrying cords on trips

By Annie patterns include a page of tags to organize your pieces (very handy!)

My pieces laid out and ready to sew, after having quilted them.

Along the way, I learned some construction tips. Note how the case on the right lifts up a little on the right, but the case on the left sits nice and flat. It's an easy trick.
Sew one side to the zipper strap according to directions, then after clipping side two in place, pinch each corner, and also pinch two corners at a time to make sure they line up. If they do not, adjust side two. One the brown case, I talked myself into thinking it would be fine. It twists enough for me to notice, even though it is only a centimeter off.

Binding going on. My teenage daughter (the hard to please one) asked if I bought the case, and I had the binding like this. Guess it looks good!

Hopefully the tips I've included give you the courage to try these patterns. Watch for the trunk show coming up, where we will have the cases our staff have made, plus samples from Annie herself.