Monday, April 20, 2015

Your pretty fabric doesn't have to sit in your stash

When the focus is on the fabric, a table runner is a quick project you'll see day after day.

Ruth used angles to go around the corner, but you can use an even simpler approach

Aly likes to use a seasonal fabric for her center along with coordinating prints as accents.

Kathy Zook teaches a beginning quilting class using table runners

Next time you run into the perfect fabric, think beyond adding it to your stash and make a table runner instead.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rocks in my Yarn???

Mango Moon and other yarn companies make fun yarn with rocks, but what do you do with it? Use it straight. Knitting the little rocks, just pop them to the right side as you go.

Mix it Up

Combine Chakra with a skein of heathered wool for a soft, stripey effect.

If rocks and beads intrigue you, Tiara by HiKoo might be just the thing. Tiny sequins and beads shimmer in a lovely dinner shawl. 

Skipping Stones Shawl kits mix several yarns for a fun adventure with silk ribbon, Chakra and Huasco. 

Ready for a touch of elegance? Reach for a skein and try something new.