Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Today marks the first Final Thursday Frenzie, but we have decided to rename it the End of the Month Sale. Seeing as the name is a bit confusing(it is definitely NOT our final sale!). Come on by, we are open until 8pm, and check out the Amy Butler fabric in clearance. Today only it is 50% off!

We have a new piece of inspiration from one of our most loyal yarn customers. She has decided that, "Money is No object when it comes to my yarn." We appreciate the words of wisdom :)

Don't forget to tell us your favorite notion or tool to win an awesome goodie bag! Happy 4th!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And the winner is...

Heather E!
Come in to the shop any time before July 7th to claim your free jelly roll!! Also, if you could email us at so we make sure and get the correct Heather E :)
Thanks to everyone for the great info! We love all the patterns.
Our next prize is a goodie bag: True Grips, Add-A-Quarter, Quick Quarter Triangle Ruler, and Thangles Intro Pack!! Can you even believe it? This time, tell us your favorite notion, the quilting tool you could never part with. Let us know by July 13th for a chance to be entered to win the awesome goodie bag!

Calling all Amy Butler lovers!! We have put Amy Butler fabric in clearance AND into fat quarters! And tomorrow is our Final Thursday Frenzie sale, so come on by to check out the AB fat quarters! And during our Final Thursday Frenzie, clearance is 50% off, so Amy Butler will be 50% off. Try to control yourselves, but get in here and get your AB fabric! :)

We will be closed Monday, July 4th so our staff can enjoy the holiday with their families. Please have a safe 4th of July!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Love Letters Block of the Month

Starting November, 2011, the Always In Stitches Block of the Month! This BOM will feature Love Letters by This & That. The sign-up is $24.95, and each month's block is $24.95. The block includes the pattern and all necessary materials. Call the shop at 317-776-4227 or go to and click "Go Shopping" go join today!!

Always In Stitches will be participating in the Quilter's Celebration July 14-16 which will feature the induction of Ardis and Robert James. There will be lecture, vendor booths, live and silent auctions, and tours of the historic Marie Webster home! I hope you will join us there! Go to for more info.
We also will be at the Shop Til You Drop at the Kokomo Events Center July 29-30. Come out and see us!
This Thursday marks our very first Final Thursday Frenzie! See more information on the sale below. Come out and help us with our math skills! :)
It's almost July, which means it's almost 4-H fair time! Us at Always In Stitches are involved in and support our Hamilton County 4-H. Go out to the fair July 14-19, and see what it's all about! You might even see a few AIS projects on display!
Don't forget to post your tips, tricks, and patterns for a jelly roll by this Wednesday to be entered to win a free jelly roll! The winner will be announced on Thursday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Join Our Thrifty Knitter's Club

We are starting a knitting club! Our Thrifty Knitter's Club will begin in October, and will feature a different pattern each month that uses only one or two skeins. The entrance fee into the club is $10, and a $5 monthly fee will include that month's pattern and 30 minutes of class time with Penny. We ask that the class time be used during the Thursday night Tink-er's class. We will offer a beginners pattern and an advanced pattern each month.

October will be our hat month. The beginners pattern is a Child's Pumpkin Hat and the advanced pattern is the Butterfly Hat. Both use just one skein of Cascade 220 Superwash.

We do request that your material be purchased at Always In Stitches. I hope you join the club!!
This is a picture of the Butterfly Hat!

Come in or call 317-776-4227 for more information or to sign up!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grab a Janome Machine...For FREE!

Ever wished you had a Janome machine at home, or need an extra machine for play time? Come in to the shop and correctly guess the number of spools of thread in our display to be entered to win a FREE machine! Seriously, can it get any better? So come on by and check out the machine you could win, and enter your number!

*Service Project* Our wonderful manager, Capi, is involved with a service project making pillowcases into dresses for children in Ethiopia. We need to make 100 dresses by July 10th. We can supply scrap fabric to make the dresses, and even some advice to making the dresses. Come on by the shop to get some more information.
This is a link to a free pillow case dress pattern, but there are SO many on Google that if you can even find or make one of your own. Smaller sizes are requested, but any size will be accepted.

Tomorrow is our first Final Thursday Frenzie! Come check out our new sale!

It's HOT. Refresh yourself with some frozen strawberry lemonade! :)
Strawberry Lemonade Slush Recipe
Check out the recipe!

“The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:7-8 NIV

Don't forget to tell us your favorite jelly roll tip, trick or pattern to be entered to win a FREE jelly roll!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Final Thursday Frenzie!

Taking the place of our wonderful 25 for $30 sale is our Final Thursday Frenzie! The first Frenzie will take place Thursday June 30th from 10am-8pm.
Buy 4 fat quarters get 1 Free
Buy 10 fat quarters get 3 Free
Buy 20 fat quarters get 8 Free
Buy 2 skeins of yarn get the 3rd Free
End of Bolt Discounts: buy 3 yards of more get 30% off, buy less than 3 yards get 20% off
All Clearance items are 50% off retail!
I hope you all will come out to see our new sale!
Also, this weekend is our Christmas in June sale! All customers who wear Christmas clothing such as hats, pants, sweaters or sweatshirts with Christmas designs will get an additional 25% off regular retail price on all our Christmas products!
*And the fine print: Discounts do not apply to sewing machines or services. Discounts cannot be added to your 10% loyalty discount. You can pay with credit card, cash or check(although cash and check are VERY appreciated).
Come out and see our Christmas products! Maybe the sale will be so inspiring it will start to sure would make this snowbird happy :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Charm Pack Winners!

We are SO appreciative of the wonderful comments you six ladies submitted, that we are going to give EACH of you a charm pack! You can either come into the shop and claim your charm pack, or email me your information and I will send it to you! Before you can claim your charm pack, you MUST email me with your name so we give them to the correct people! You ladies are the best!

Don't forget to tell us your favorite Jelly Roll tip, trick, or project to be entered to win a jelly roll!!

Jelly Roll Placemat Pattern

For 4 placemats you will need a minimum of thirteen jelly roll strips (if you'd like to make your placemats even cuter and scrappier...cut 18 jelly roll strips in half and use 9 of those half strips along with 4 full-sized strips). You will also need 1/2 yard for binding the four placemats and 1/2 yard to back them (or use one fat quarter to back each placemat). If you would like to add ric rac trim down the sides, then also get 3 yards of 5/8" ric rac. Your finished placemats will measure 12 1/2" x 16 1/2" finished.

1. If you are using 9 whole strips, begin by cutting them into 18 half strips (if you are using the 18 half strips cut from 18 different whole strips then this step is already completed).
2. Now pair the strips up into groups of two and sew together along the long edges. Press to one side when sewing is complete.
3. Cut all of your two strip units into 5" long segments.
4. After that you will match each 5" segment with a 5" segment made out of two different fabrics. Place these segments right sides together, nesting seams and sewing along both 4 1/2" sides.
5. Cut each segment in half, creating two four-patch blocks with each cut.
Press the four-patch blocks open, and you will have 36 four-patch blocks. Use 9 four-patch blocks for each placemat.
6. Sew into three rows, and then sew your rows together.You have now completed the center of your placemat. I really like this method for quickly making a scrappy "checkerboard."
7. Using one full Jelly Roll strip for each placemat, cut two pieces equal to the measurement of the left and right sides of your placemat (I measured down the middle and made both side strips this length).
8. Sandwich your placemat top, batting, and backing and quilt as desired. If you want to add ric rac, then position the ric rac over the seams between the side strips and the checkerboard middle and sew the ric rac onto the placemat.
9. Attach your binding and your placemats are done!

How much do you love Jelly Rolls?? Let us know your favorite jelly roll pattern, tip, trick, or project by Wednesday, June 29 to be entered to win a FREE jelly roll!

 This free pattern comes to us from

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Christmas Tiiiiime is Heeeere!

Thank you, Charlie Brown :) Okay, so maybe it's not December, but now is the time to start working on all your fabulous home-made Christmas presents! Next weekend, June 24th and 25th, is our Christmas in June sale. Come by to see all the great fabric and gift ideas we have. Our Christmas section continues to grow, so come in to see all the new products!
Ever used a Horizon sewing machine?? They are pretty darn cool. Come in and try one out, you will be amazed at the new features, gadgets and gizmos this machine has!
I love batiks. They make the cutest purses, quilts, and jackets. I could stand in our batik section and stare for hours! If you don't know what a batik is, or haven't seen our section in a while, come by and check it out. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration from the beautiful colors!
Next week is our UFO night, UnFinished Objects. Let the shop know what project you're working on so we can have the right people here, and come on in to get those unfinished objects finished! Then your husband HAS to let you buy some more fabric, you finally got that 3-year-old quilt done!
Please let us know if there is anything you need from us to make your experience at our shop better. We want you to have fun, be able to relax, and enjoy your time being surrounded by all the yarn or fabric you desire :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Yay for the weekend! Hopefully you have some time to come in and see all the great new things we have at Always In Stitches! We have several new lines of fabric for you to enjoy! Our Christmas fabric has started to come in, and we have a whole section for Christmas ideas.
Ever worked with felted wool? There are such great projects that you can make, come by and check out our wool section for ideas and inspirations!
If you haven't been to the clearance room lately, you definitely need to take a look! We have everything from bolts of fabric, yarn, and cross-stitch patterns to so much more.
Don't forget to send in your comment about your favorite Always In Stitches project to be entered to win a charm pack! Comment by Monday for your chance to win.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free Stuff is Good Stuff

Love winning prizes? Yeah, we thought so. If you leave a comment on our blog between today and Monday, you will be entered to win a FREE Charm Pack!
The question of the weekend is: What was your favorite Always In Stitches project? Let us know what you made from fabric, yarn, cross-stitch from Always in Stitches that you just LOVE and cannot imagine living without! That's all you have to do to enter! The winner will be announced here on Tuesday, so make sure to check back!
Free-Motion Quilting class is coming back August 27th! Our fabulous free-motion quilting teacher would love to see you to teach all the wonderful techniques to do your very own free-motion quilting. Call the shop at 317-776-4228 for more info!
Can't find what you need at the shop? No problem. We will try our hardest to find exactly what you want. Just sign up on the Wish-List and we will let you know when we find the perfect product, class, or anything else that you need!
It's HOT, you need a sewing machine! Don't sweat it out, sew it out! Come in to see our wonderful Janome sewing machines and sergers. We have such a great selection of machines for you to choose from. We also carry embroidery machines. Let us know what projects you work on and we will find the perfect machine for you!
Don't forget to tell us your favorite project to be entered to win a free charm pack!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rainy Days Don't Have To Be Gray!

Thank goodness for rain! That means we can put the gardening aside for one day and focus on all our UFO's (UnFinished Objects)!! If you have UFO's at home and need inspiration to finish them, we have the class just for you. Fridays we offer our UFO class from 10:30-4:30. Call ahead of time and let us know what you're working on so we can have the perfect teacher here for you! Need to finish a quilt? Got stuck putting in a zipper? Lost your way in your pattern? No problem! We will be here to help you through the woods and take that project from incomplete to in use.
Also this Friday is our Snack and Sew class. This month is a Strawberry Pin Cushion. This is a wonderful class that includes lots of fun, and even some food! Call the shop 317-776-4227 for more info!
Every wanted to learn how to knit or crochet? Do you know these skills, but are wanting to learn more techniques? We feel confident in saying that our knit and crochet teachers are the best in town! You can have an hour long private lesson with any of our teachers for just $10. Call the shop 317-776-4227 to talk to one of our teachers today!
If you finish a project, please bring it in to the shop and show us your skills! We love to see finished projects, or even works in progress. Bring your work of art and receive a free fat quarter to add to your stash.
We love our customers, and we hope that is apparent in the work we put towards our wonderful shop. If there is anything we can do to make your experience a better one, we would be happy to hear about it. Email for any questions, comments, concerns, or even for some more info.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bootcamp, TNNA, and more!

My, oh my, our employees have been busy learning the newest and best information for our wonderful customers! Lyneen, the shop owner, is at business owner bootcamp this week, and she is just brimming with new information to better serve you. Penny and Aly, along with Sheila the Sheep, went to TNNA last weekend and are excited to bring in the new yarn and needles for your knitting projects.
Kathy Z and Kathy B will be our tour guides to the National Quilt Association show in Columbus Ohio on Saturday. The bus is nearly full, and we are looking forward to seeing all the great ideas and inspirations they come back with!
Coming up June 24th and 25th is our Christmas in June sale. There are lots of great deals and prizes, and you will be rewarded for wearing your Christmas sweater to the shop!
June marks our first ever Final Thursday Frenzie. Come in for amazing deals on our fat quarters, and fatten up your stash!
Stay in touch, follow Always In Stitches on Facebook, and go to for all the latest info.
ONLINE SHOPPING! Also new, online shopping! Go to and click "Go Shopping" to see all the great things online! The website is being update weekly, so let us know what you would like to see online! Also you can call us at 317-776-4227 and we will ship your order straight to you.
We look forward to helping you, and hope your experience with us is only the best!