Friday, June 24, 2011

Join Our Thrifty Knitter's Club

We are starting a knitting club! Our Thrifty Knitter's Club will begin in October, and will feature a different pattern each month that uses only one or two skeins. The entrance fee into the club is $10, and a $5 monthly fee will include that month's pattern and 30 minutes of class time with Penny. We ask that the class time be used during the Thursday night Tink-er's class. We will offer a beginners pattern and an advanced pattern each month.

October will be our hat month. The beginners pattern is a Child's Pumpkin Hat and the advanced pattern is the Butterfly Hat. Both use just one skein of Cascade 220 Superwash.

We do request that your material be purchased at Always In Stitches. I hope you join the club!!
This is a picture of the Butterfly Hat!

Come in or call 317-776-4227 for more information or to sign up!

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