Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bootcamp, TNNA, and more!

My, oh my, our employees have been busy learning the newest and best information for our wonderful customers! Lyneen, the shop owner, is at business owner bootcamp this week, and she is just brimming with new information to better serve you. Penny and Aly, along with Sheila the Sheep, went to TNNA last weekend and are excited to bring in the new yarn and needles for your knitting projects.
Kathy Z and Kathy B will be our tour guides to the National Quilt Association show in Columbus Ohio on Saturday. The bus is nearly full, and we are looking forward to seeing all the great ideas and inspirations they come back with!
Coming up June 24th and 25th is our Christmas in June sale. There are lots of great deals and prizes, and you will be rewarded for wearing your Christmas sweater to the shop!
June marks our first ever Final Thursday Frenzie. Come in for amazing deals on our fat quarters, and fatten up your stash!
Stay in touch, follow Always In Stitches on Facebook, and go to http://www.alwaysinstitches1.com/ for all the latest info.
ONLINE SHOPPING! Also new, online shopping! Go to http://www.alwaysinstitches1.com/ and click "Go Shopping" to see all the great things online! The website is being update weekly, so let us know what you would like to see online! Also you can call us at 317-776-4227 and we will ship your order straight to you.
We look forward to helping you, and hope your experience with us is only the best!

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