Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Get Organized!

Ok you might remember this picture from a few months ago…
Well I finally came up with something to keep scissors and pins near my sewing machine but out of mischievous little hands. (Unfortunately it doesn't keep trucks and tractors off the sewing machine which someone is convinced is a garage.)
 This is an elevator bucket.  Usually these are attached to a belt in a grain leg and pick up grain from the pit and move it to the top of the leg.  In other words… they make a great little container to hold crafty things.  I actually have three in garage next to the door which are suppose to catch all the things that end up on the kitchen counter instead.

I thought about spray painting this one white but was worried it might get scratched up so instead I decorated it with some pretty purple vinyl swirls.

My wonderful husband hung it for me and it has filled with scissors, seam rippers, and my bobbin case ever since.  I can reach it sitting down at my sewing machine and best of all my sewing table is not covered with stuff I have to move whenever I want to work on something big.
What do you do to keep your sewing area organized?