Monday, August 1, 2016

Sooo much to love about Let's Go Sew

The DIY website Sew4Home has won over people just like you: sewists and quilters with an eye for quality and an undeniable creative flair. We love the site's step-by-step tutorials for sassy, fashionable accessories and home decor. 

Need convincing? Look at those adorable Star Pillows that almost look like Christmas cookies, posted on July 25. 

We can’t wait to host some of the Sew4Home folks Sept. 30-Oct. 2 to lead Let’s Go Sew at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. Have you registered for this weekend sewing retreat?

Liz Johnson, Sew4Home senior editor, says attendees at Let's Go Sew can expect “Soooooo much!” from the retreat. “They’ll spend three days with the expert guidance of professional instructors and educators, leaving with three finished projects: a patchwork pillow, a designer bag, and an embroidered pouch. They’ll learn the tools, tricks, and techniques to create beautifully finished results from putting in zippers to in-the-hoop quilting and monogramming to how to box the corners of a bag. All in the Sew4Home style of true step-by-step instruction. We want to give people the confidence to not only make things for themselves, but also to be self-assured enough to possibly start that DIY or Etsy business they’ve been dreaming about.”

Sewists of all skill levels will enjoy the getaway, where all you bring is you. Machines, fabric, notions, Saturday lunch and snacks throughout the weekend are provided. It should be especially attractive to new sewists, particularly “20-somethings who are excited to discover sewing and see how fun it can be to create something unique, Johnson adds. “We want them to be exposed to the fun in person, using great machines and tools and fabric and thread.”

Do you know someone to invite to attend with you? Maybe a daughter, daughter-in-law or granddaughter? Sign up at Sew4Home, and we;ll see you there! . 

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