Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Quick Tip with Big Results

I learn little quilting tips all the time, working with such experienced quilters. This time it was one co-worker teasing another about whether she slapped her sashing on, or measured the length of the quilt, then cut the sashing to measure.  Just the day before I was discussing why a friend’s sashing had stretched and rippled at her long arm quilter’s. We had discussed placement (putting the longer side on first, then shorter). From the teasing, I picked up that you measure your side, cut the fabric to size, and pin it in place. In fact, pinning figures in to lots of solutions when quilting.
  • ·         How do you make points match? Pin.
  • ·         How do you keep your blocks the same size? Pin. (trimming to the block size helps, too)
  • ·         How do you keep your sashing from rippling? Pin.

Many quilt designs end up with fabric cut on the bias, so it is stretchy. Triangles are especially bad about this.
I admit guilt. As a relatively experienced sewist, I tend not to pin when sewing, but for accurate quilting I cannot wait to see how this tip improves my quilts.


  1. I hate to pin, but you are right. You absolutely must do it from time to time!

  2. Wonderful tip! With small items it tends to not be such an issue, but long edges of quilts an make it a big difference.