Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Egg Wall Hanging Tutorial + Giveaway

I am sincerely sorry!  With real work, the warm weather and some deadline sewing (Darn those bridal showers!)  I’ve been MIA lately.  But I wanted to make sure to share this cute Easter Egg wall hanging with you before it was too late.

What You’ll Need

1/8 yard of 5 assorted prints

½ yard of batting

½ yard of fabric for backing


Cut a 4” inch strip from each of the 5 fabrics.  Sew strips together length wise.  Layer backing fabric, batting and pieced strips and quilt. (I love small quilting projects like this because it gives me a chance to try new free motion quilting designs or perfect ones which need a little practice.)

Next you will need to create an egg pattern out of freezer paper.  I free handed mine, but you are welcome to stop by the shop and trace mine.  My egg is about 15” high 11” at the widest point.  Remember the bottom is wider than the top of the egg.

After you’ve made your freezer paper egg pattern iron it on to your quilted fabric so the strips are running horizontally, and cut around it with pinking shears.

Yes it might have been really late at night when I finished this.

Now for the fun part! You should be able to get three to four eggs out of your quilted fabric.  I played around with a couple of different ways to attach the ribbon.
The first way I crisscrossed the ribbon at a point towards the top of the egg, placed a large green button on top and hand stitched the button and ribbon in place.

The second way I just a made a button hole at the top.  (And if you have never made a button hole on your Janome come into the shop for a demonstration.  It is soooo easy!) Then I fed the ribbon through the button hole.
One last trick, I was super excited to use.  I found this idea on Pinterest of using a 3M hook on the back of the door to hang a wreath or anything. Props to Jeralyn atLemonade for this great idea! So no nail in the door and no ugly hook on the front!

Giveaway: Well since I made three of these.  One is hanging at my house, one is at the shop and the third is just looking for a happy home!

I realize Easter is just around the corner so this will have to be a Lightning Giveaway and I will even mail it to you since I don't have time to run it down to the shop. 

Leave a comment about any Easter traditions you have by Monday night.  Tuesday I'll pick a winner and no later than Wednesday I'll have it in the mail to you!

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Ok so which do you like better? I think I like the button hole method the best.


  1. Hooray for late night sewing! I'm a fan of the green button one...

    More of a Good Friday tradition: my mom always dyed eggs in onion skins to give them a rich rust color and hid a nest for us to 'find', then we had them with our annual potato soup and hot cross buns dinner. Pretty tasty for no meat :)

  2. I'm too late for the giveaway but I've been working on many last minute Easter crafts and love this tutorial so I just might try and get this ready today and maybe the Easter bunny will hang it tomorrow for the kids. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.

    1. Cathy, we'd love to see a picture if you've got them done. Happy Easter!

  3. Tamara - Love your postings, always enjoy reading them with your ideas.
    Just had to let you know that I think you are doing a great job!!! Keep those ideas coming.